What made us who we are today.
2017 - 2018
With a team of 13+ specialists and 25+ monthly clients, TriplePro Content Marketing has established itself as a mid-size specialised digital marketing agency in Bulgaria. Exciting times are ahead and the company is thilled to write the next chapter of the story.
For the first two years on the local market, TriplePro has defined itself as a boutique digital marketing agency, specializing in content creation and management. A lot of effort was put into building a clear mission of quality digital marketing, as well as into attracting bright creative minds, all focused on creating, distributing and measuring a brand story in a way to be remembered! As a result, the company was nominated for Marketing Innovation of the year by b2b Media Awards.
In early 2015, Olaf, the experienced founding father of the TriplePro network, and Teddy, an ambitious marketing specialist who had recently come back to Bulgaria, joined forces and started developing the presence of TriplePro Bulgaria on the local market. At that time the word "content marketing" started to be thrown into conversation, even though it was still really not really “a thing” in Bulgaria. Luckily, the circumstances were to change very soon.
When the Digital Marketing company grew its portfolio to more than 300 clients, the TriplePro network moved forward by establishing an outsourced designs hub, here in Bulgaria. That was the step that took the company to an international scale-up and was also the birth of TriplePro Bulgaria. Within the span of one year, the local branch started developing its own Bulgarian client base with both design services and other marketing products.
The business grows so rapidly that the three friends soon expanded their activities by founding a call center for NGO follow-up calls and not longer after that, a consultancy for fundraising campaigns. As a natural step, the TriplePro network took things to the digital world by creating TriplePro Online Marketing – a company focusing on the small and medium commercial section in Holland, now with more than 350 reccuring clients.
The beginning of TriplePro's story lies in a diner in Groningen, where 3 college friends were sitting & trying to think of creative ways to raise funds for NGOs on the streets. A couple of months later, TriplePro was born as a Direct Marketing company focusing on the sector in northern Holland. Fast forward to today, TriplePro Direct Marketing has formed in one of the leading industry experts in the country, raising more than 60 million EUR for NGOs across all sizes.
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