Rebrand, revitalise.

Biovestin is a special probiotic, intended for people who have recently been severely sick and on aggressive therapy in order to get well. For them, it was all about bringing comfort and health, instead of looking like just another pharmaceutical product, so we joined them on their rebrand
journey from sterility to success.

The thinking


For inspiration, we looked at the vital qualities of the product and decided to do something different,instead of a more traditional remedy design. So, we got to work to create a whole new brand identity for Biovestin, including new packaging, logo, colours, fonts – everything.

We avoided the standard pharmaceutical colors ofwhite, green or blue in order to achieve a more modern and energetic look for the product, using bright colours to set a cheerful mood. For the logo, we incorporated a theme of movement for life, not just inside the body, but in the mind as well.

The outcome


Biovestin now has a new positioning; one that’s vibrant, colourful and a far throw away from the pharmaceutical feel of the past. The new packaging, logo and overall branding is now well-known within the relevant circles and Biovestin’s mission to make people feel better has been made that much stronger.



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