Petar – The Dual Life of a Marketing Rock Star

    Petar’s day starts with so much coffee, that in his place every normal person would probably pass out. And maybe here is the right time to say he is certainly not quite normal.

    During the day you may find Petar at his desk at TriplePro – with the computer mouse in his right hand and a cup of coffee in his left. When you ask him what his job is, he likes to quote his grandfather and laugh – “A marketing job is a made up job”.

    And even though he tells it as a joke, he is actually kind of right, since he is the guy who always succeeds in making something out of nothing. He will never answer a question with “I have no idea”, as he always comes up with at least three ideas before breakfast (and sometimes at breakfast, if we have a creative team meeting with croissants).

    When the sun goes down Petar puts his cloak on, and by “cloak” we mean a guitar, and goes out to hunt some bears in the night. We never asked him why his band is called Bears and Hunters, so we just assume he does that when he is not at work in the office. The alternative includes stealing hats from dead people, since Dead Man’s Hat is another awesome indie rock project of his.

    Born in Varna, grown in Pleven, studied in Blagoevgrad, and currently living in Sofia, his life feels like a national tour. However, despite his dynamic lifestyle it wasn’t that hard for Teddy to find him and make him part of the TriplePro team. As an old digital marketing tale says, “Everybody you need is just 6 clicks away”. His education in Business administration and Journalism at the American University in Bulgaria and his previous experience with creative start-up campaigns made him a valuable contact.

    Nowadays, he is TriplePro’s creative director – managing projects, researching, creating new concepts, content and strategies and meeting our clients. As it may be surprising for some, Petar says office life and the rock scene are not that different, at least when it comes to him at TriplePro.

    We don’t have that boring corporate manner of communicating here. Our job is not just moving some rocks around, so it is important for everybody to feel free to be themselves in order for us all to give our best.

    So maybe his marketing rock star life is not that dual after all…


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