Teddy – General Manager, Mama Bear and Velma from “Chicago” all in one

    Some people wanted to be astronauts, some wanted to be ballerinas, Teddy wanted to be everything. And she is currently the general manager of “TriplePro”, which is kind of the same thing. However, she’s already used to having many roles. During her student years at the American University in Bulgaria she and a few of her friends founded an amateur musical performance group, which actually grew so much that is now in its 11th year. They’ve been doing national tours and have performed musicals like “Hairspray”, “West Side Story” and “Chicago” – buzz off Catherine Zeta Jones, Velma is at “TriplePro”!

    “It’s a cool legacy we created. People actually grew it more and more, and now I just go to the performance they make in Sofia every year and watch it like a proud mama bear in the audience…”

    What brought Teddy to “TriplePro”, you might ask? In the first place it was her stable knowledge of business administration and strategic marketing, which she studied in both Bulgaria and Durham University in the UK. She started her marketing career at a big, fast moving consumer goods company in Sofia. The year-and-a-half long traineeship program there shaped her in every possible business department in the company, and later transferred her in their London branch. When in 2013 she came back to Bulgaria, she was ready to start her own company, which is now part of “TriplePro”.

    I started on my own, then I found the right partner and I was able to grow this., she says.

    Each day of hers includes planning, organizing, meeting clients, mailing, phone calls, copywriting, playing vinyl, singing Amy Winehouse songs and sometimes even cake baking. She puts coffee in her Red Velvet cake, so nobody suffers from lack of energy or inspiration at “TriplePro”.

    Our generation, millennials, has to be inspired in order to perform at our best.”, says Teddy.

    “TriplePro” focuses mainly on the local market and the middle sized brands to help them achieve their full potential. And since inspiration usually comes from happy people, Teddy takes happiness as her own mission. No sad clowns here! (Nor any clowns, actually. Clowns are creepy.)

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