Survival tips

For content marketing newbies

To get your brand where it needs to be, it’s not always about how complex your marketing strategy is or how many communication channels you spread your message across.


It’s no secret that the era of push marketing has been dead for a while now. It’s all about valuable interactions with your customers and letting them pull the chain.

Here are three simple rules we like to follow:

1. Get to (really) know your ideal consumer

You can’t create relevant and interesting content if you don’t know who’s willing to listen. Try to create an ideal persona for your brand. Who are they, how do they dress, how do they consume content both online and offline?

2. Be transparent about your brand story

The modern consumer is fed up with being deceived by advertising tricks. The more open you are about your product or service, the easier it would be to win a customer’s loyalty in the long run.

3. Adapt your message to the channel, not the other way around

Don’t make the mistake of copy-pasting content from one social network to the next. If you adapt to the language specifics of each you can’t go wrong.In the end content marketing is all about spreading informative and engaging messages. Our experience shows us that the right content can make your audience fall in love with what you have to say.

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