2021 is going to be amazing

Agencies have resolutions too!

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Like everyone else, we want 2021 to be an awesome year for us and our clients. Here’s how we’re gonna do it!


So here we are, already nearly one month into 2021! Needless to say that last year was…interesting to say the least, but at least now we have a lot more to look forward to. One good thing about the New Year is that it gives us the chance to make new goals in our personal life. But what about our professional life?

Although we’re already some way into January, it’s never too late to make some new goals for ourselves so we thought it would be a good idea to think about our own goals as an agency, and what we want to change in the coming year. So, here it is: the official list of TriplePro New Year’s resolutions.


1 – Spreading the word

We are lucky to have fantastic clients and contacts which brings us a lot of business. Because of the great work we do, we get a lot of referrals which is great – but as we are now ready to grow, It’s time to get a little louder about it. This year, we want to connect more with international clients and work on some really cool briefs. If you’re reading this: give us a ring!


2 – Evolve our brand

Don’t get us wrong: we like our branding! It’s bright, simple and friendly, which is just like us. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t evolve it. This year, we’re going to take what we already have and give it a little boost that’s ready for the modern age. Keep an eye out in the coming months as we continue to explore what makes TriplePro, TriplePro.


3 – Professionalism, perfected

While we do pride ourselves on our approach and communication to clients, there’s always room for improvement. Anyone who thinks they can’t do a better job may have the wrong idea about themselves. We always do our best to reply to clients in a timely manner, proof our own work and generally operate with a high-quality approach. However, nobody is perfect which is why we’re going to continue working towards being the best version of ourselves. Always.


4 – Remember that we are a team

We are a close-knit group of professionals, and dare we say friends as well. However, just like anyone else, when we disagree on something it can sometimes get in the way of things. Whether it’s a specific approach to a client or a rare mistake is made, we need to remember that we’re on the same team! Disagreements are good, because it means a discussion is going on. The important thing is that we work towards the best results, together.


5 – Let our minds be free

As a creative agency, our work has to be, well, creative. Although some clients need a more creative approach than others, we can sometimes get in to a routine, instead of constantly striving for new ideas and executions. We love what we do and so do our clients, but it’s time to take things to the next level. And that doesn’t just mean funky graphics and text: it means effective problem solving and amazing approaches that people won’t see coming.


6 – Time to grow

We’re ready. Over the last year we’ve been winning more and more clients and we’re now in nearly in the position to hire more people and take our lovely little agency to the next level. If you’re looking for a job in the creative and content market, keep an eye on our social channels for any possible announcements in the coming months!


7 – Fun is good

The year of lockdown and home office kinda put a damper on our company culture. But, everyone else as well of course. This year we want to make up for lost time and have more fun together as a company. Whether that’s having a few drinks after work or having a fun teambuilding event, it’s time to bring a little more play to the workplace.


2021, lets go!

So there are just a few of our goals this year. We are thankful to have made it through 2020 because we know how hard it has been for so many businesses. With the above goals in mind, we can’t wait to put our plans into the action for a bigger, brighter and better year for TriplePro and our clients. See you soon!

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