Interior design, redesigned

COMO was one of our first clients, who approached us with the challenge to refresh their visual identity to achieve a more diversified look – all supported by a robust social media strategy to unify and cement the new branding for target audiences.

So, we needed to come up with an all-new look for the brand, as well as creating content to keep the inspiration flowing for their growing fanbase of all things fruity.

The thinking

By working closely with COMO, we were able to devise a visual harmony that threaded throughout a style guide; including a logo, colors, script and other elements.

We also created video content to showcase new products and a range of offline materials, including brochures and ads in print media, including the magazines “Eva” and “Nash Dom” magazines.

The outcome

By taking a multi-channel approach using the new visual identity, we were able to show COMO in a brand-new light to the target audience. As well as a steep increase in brand awareness, sales from Facebook also increased and overall social interactions and website traffic also increased.


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