Our own special blend of creativity for one of Sofia’s most popular cocktail bars

With creative, classy cocktails and a subtly swish interior locked behind a secret entrance, the 5L speakeasy bar serves up a unique and memorable drinking experience. They were also looking to boost their social media presence with fun, memorable content as well as letting their followers know about upcoming special events.


The thinking

We needed a hook – a character to give 5L a distinct visual identity, without taking away it’s class and reputation for quality. After a few cocktail-led brainstorming sessions, we realised the answer was right there in the name.

In Bulgarian 5L is read ‘pet el’, which just so happens to be our word for rooster; which ties in nicely to the word ‘cocktail’, resulting in some nifty bi-lingual wordplay.

From there, we took the rooster and applied it to all aspects of 5L’s branding tapestry, including photography and redesigns of the menu every six months.


The outcome

5L now have a vibrant and active social profile to match their branding, attracting new visitors and followers and introducing them into the world of speakeasy cocktails. What’s more, every single like, comment and share on their page is organic, meaning that when it comes to content and cocktails, these guys are at the top of the pecking order.

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