Raspberry wine for the win

A dream client for us since the beginning, Trastena produce delicious raspberry wine and are well-known for their cool branding and distinctive bottle.

However, they needed a little help with their social media presence and other engagement channels, so they got in touch with us – and of course, we said yes.

The thinking

As a brand looking to engage at a more human level, Trastena’s social channels were our first target. Working closely with them, we optimised those channels and helped create bright, engaging, informative and entertaining content, including bespoke photography of their attractive bottles.

We also shot, edited and produced a number of videos for them, showcasing the strong family themes behind the brand, and the parties where it has played host.

The outcome

Since our work, Trastena, their social media presence has vastly increased, and so have their engagement rates. Although they were already known, they have now become part of the social fabric of drinking brands and are considered as a fun, vibrant brand with traditional roots. Pick up a bottle, and you’ll see what we mean.

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